A Rare Moment of Serious

This entry is going to be a little different. Instead of talking about gadgets, animation, or new media I’m going to talk about something that is far more important. Gratitude and sentiment.

Last week Nichelle Nichols, famous for being the original actress to play Uhura in Star Trek, suffered a minor stroke. Fortunately, all accounts suggest she is currently resting comfortably and should have a speedy recovery. We wish her so and are sending positive thoughts her way.

A year ago I had the opportunity to meet Nichelle at the Lexington Comic and Toy Convention. I grew up on a Star Trek fan. Some of my earliest memories in life are watching it with my father and older brothers. Having the opportunity to tell her how much her work has meant to me was great. She was charming, graceful, and classy. And not for nothing, still a knockout.

Hearing about her stroke made me realize how glad I was I had the chance to thank her in person. Even though she seems to be fine, I’d have felt terrible if she wasn’t.

Only the most cynical person would say someone else’s work hasn’t had an impact in their lives. Be it a book, a movie, a TV show . . . everyone has something which has mattered to them. If you ever get the chance to express gratitude to the people responsible for it, then you should. Don’t pass it up, because you might not be lucky to get another chance.

I’m going to take this one further and say it shouldn’t just apply to people who have made things that are important to you. It should be for the people in your day to day life who are important to you. And that’s one to grow on.

Keith Cunningham
Keith is a freelance writer at Black Powder Design and a graduate of Edinboro University of Pennsylvania with a degree in animation. Keith hosts a podcast on the Deliberate Noise Network titled The Keith Show Show starring Keith. He is also the illustrator and writer of his own comic series called Stale Popcorn.